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Features that Sing

Dynamic Song Library

Discover endless musical possibilities with our vast song library, catering to every taste and genre. The stage is yours.

Voice Recognition

Experience seamless singing with our advanced voice recognition technology, ensuring precision and real-time feedback for an unparalleled karaoke adventure.

Virtual Duet Experience

Connect with friends worldwide for an immersive duet experience. Sing in harmony, share the spotlight, and create unforgettable musical memories togeth
About Us

Our Story

V-Show Karaoke is located on Kingsway in Burnaby. As the only Karaoke in Burnaby with a liquor license, we offer alcohol service until 2 AM daily. We are a karaoke venue that prioritizes personalization and technology, providing private rooms to cater to different-sized groups of customers. This model allows customers to enjoy karaoke more comfortably without worrying about the hustle and bustle of public spaces. The private rooms also offer an ideal space for small group gatherings or private events. Whether a casual hangout with friends or a business meeting, we can provide a great private environment.

V-Show Karaoke may attract customers seeking an unconventional entertainment experience with these features. The intimate, modern environment may appeal to those who enjoy relaxing and entertaining in a relatively secluded setting. 

V-Show Karaoke is an interesting venue that prioritizes customer experience and offers a distinctive form of entertainment. Hopefully, the local community will receive it well and attract more people to enjoy this special karaoke experience!

Our Pricing

Best Karaoke Room For Best Pricing

Dive into the perfect harmony of value and entertainment with our Vshow Karaoke pricing. Choose a package that suits your melody, bringing affordable joy to every song you sing!

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Elevate Your Melody, Embrace Innovation

Experience the pinnacle of karaoke excellence with Vshow—innovative features that transform every note into an unforgettable performance. Sing, connect, and shine brighter!


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